The Digital Cluster of Catalonia and Usyncro have successfully completed the research project carried out in collaboration with the Tax Agency for the recognition of customs information through neural networks.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) created in the AI4Clearance project, within the framework of the AI4 EUROPE initiative, processes the allocation of tariff items in export documents, improving anomaly detection and reducing manual workload.

The pilot test has been endorsed by the Spanish Tax Agency as it considers the application of Artificial Intelligence techniques in customs clearance processing to be important to streamline and increase the efficiency of processes and lead the digital transformation of the European customs union. All of this was discussed in the webinar “Impact of AI on Logistics and International Trade after the rise of eCommerce”, which can be viewed on the You Tube channel.

This project is part of the customs drive towards global digitalization, the ultimate goal of which is the creation of a European Data Hub formed by the member states to unify the management of intra-Community trade.

The success of the AI4Clearance project not only highlights the ability of the Digital Cluster of Catalonia to lead technological innovation initiatives, but also strengthens the competitiveness of the Spanish Tax Agency in the framework of the new European Single Customs regulations. The introduction of the EU CSW-CERTEX (Customs Single Window Certificate Exchange System of the European Union) has generated the need to implement advanced technological solutions that optimize customs processes and improve collaboration between competent authorities.

The EU CSW-CERTEX, developed by the European Commission and member states, aims to simplify and unify the customs clearance process by introducing a single portal for the exchange of information between all actors involved. In this context, the AI4Clearance project, developed by the Clúster Digital de Catalunya in collaboration with the Agencia Tributaria and USYNCRO, is positioned as an innovative solution that contributes to the successful implementation of the EU CSW-CERTEX and improves the competitiveness of Spanish Customs compared to other European Customs.

“The project positions the Clúster Digital de Catalunya as a benchmark entity that promotes active collaboration, competitiveness in the digital economy and the implementation of advanced technological solutions, not only at the regional level, but also at the European level, thanks to our leadership in innovation projects and participation in key European initiatives, as is the case of AI4EU.” says Joan Puaté i Puy, Cluster Manager .

In this way, the organizations consolidate their position as leaders in the development of innovative solutions and leaders of cutting-edge projects in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

eCommerce bottlenecks

This tool, which will speed up the tax and duty declaration process, is specifically aimed at managing the large number of packages arriving at customs from e-commerce.

The entry of this type of goods is difficult to classify manually, and causes part of the customs “bottlenecks” due to its high intensity and volume.

The AI4Clearence project facilitates the extraction of the product description from the shipping documents and at the same time automatically matches the product description with the tariff item indicated in the customs clearance. Its application in customs operations will make it possible to detect discrepancies and automatically extract relevant data from documents.

With its implementation, the management of eCommerce parcels will be streamlined, easing the workload of customs agents and resolving administrative bottlenecks, while providing the tax agency with more accuracy and control when requesting customs duties. This will also serve to combat fraud, one of the main concerns detected for this type of merchandise.

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