The Digital Kit and the Acelera PYME program are part of the aid for logistics digitization, which was addressed during the webinar organized by ACE with the title: “Digitalization solutions for shippers 4.0”.

Last Tuesday, June 7, we were able to participate in this virtual meeting held by the Association of Shippers of Spain (ACE) where the available solutions around logistics digitization were presented. During the introduction, Nuria Lacaci, general secretary of ACE , conveyed the interest of freight companies in promoting more efficient and sustainable transport, which brings benefits to all agents in the supply chain.

In this sense, the loading companies conveyed their interest in accelerating the digitization process in the logistics field, with the aim – and need – of visibility of the entire supply chain. In this context, companies seek and adopt innovative solutions that allow promoting more efficient and sustainable transport. “Accelerating the digitization process will allow us to achieve a Win-win for all agents in the supply chain” , commented Lacaci.

Ciprian Craciun, Sales Manager at Usyncro He also participated in the event, and told those present how, according to UN data, 20 percent of transport costs are associated with inefficiencies, mostly during process management and communication related to the shipment of goods. In addition, Craciun recalled how the management of processes manually and through the use of paper implies lack of control over shipping data, proposing the use of collaborative platforms such as Usyncro to coordinate all the actors of the Supply Chain and reduce said inefficiencies. .

As a success story, the person in charge of Usyncro showed the operation of the first air digital corridor that took place for the shipment of goods between Madrid and Montevideo last May. Up to 12 actors have participated in this shipment, coordinated by the Madcargo Forum and including Air Europa Cargo, IATA, DB Schenker or the Tax Agency, gathered on the Usyncro digital platform and with the guarantee of immutability of documents thanks to the use of the Blockchain technology.


Another of the valuable contents of the meeting was the speech by Emilio Mulet, director of ESADE’s European Funds Management program , who reviewed the aid for digitization through the Acelera Pyme Digital Kit program, promoted by the Government from Spain. Specifically, Mulet stopped at the application of the Digital Voucher to the transport of goods. Lacaci commented in this regard: “Large shippers can act as a promoter for their suppliers to access these aids, since they are interested in their suppliers being digitized.”

This initiative aims to subsidize the implementation of digital solutions aimed at the needs of SMEs and the self-employed through a Digitizing Agent approved by the Digital Kit program to implement digital solutions and, specifically, the Process Management aid section.

This Digital Voucher is applied according to three segments: the first of them, already underway, represents an aid of 12,000 euros aimed at companies with between 10 and 50 employees. The second segment -which is expected this month- supposes an aid of 6,000 euros for companies with between 3 and less than 10 workers; while the third segment, scheduled for the end of the summer, is 2,000 euros for companies with less than three employees.

These grants of 6,000 euros can serve transport companies as a starting point to later develop more ambitious projects and integrate solutions that improve the operation of the ecosystem as a wholeMulet explained. In the ecosystem around a charger, with 30 or 40 suppliers, beyond individual implementations, everyone having access to this digital bonus will allow working on solutions that can help global operations”, Mulet clarified.

To learn more about the Digital Kit Program and learn about the Usyncro platform, it is possible to schedule a meeting and personalized demonstration.

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