The Air Cargo Night, organized by Foro Madcargo, became a celebration for Usyncro. Its CEO, Cristina Martín Lorenzo, received the Air Cargo Innovation Award, which was collected by the other two founders of the company: Marcos Icardo, CTO and Manuel Gallardo, COO.

FORO MADCargo Recognition for Innovation

Foro Madcargo, an association of professionals belonging to all the sectors that make up the Air Cargo community in Madrid, gathered more than 200 attendees at the Air Cargo Night. The event aimed to highlight the value of the air freight industry, its contribution to society and the decisive work of all those involved in the logistics chain.

In a festive atmosphere of consolidation of the air cargo community, the anniversary of the founding of Foro MADCargo, which celebrated its tenth anniversary during the pandemic, was commemorated. On this occasion, recognition was given to its founders: Alfonso Fuertes, Javier Arán, Jesús Escolar, Jesús Cuéllar, Juan Ignacio Díez Barturen, Fernando Rodríguez Sousa, Jesús Romero and Ángel Gausinet.

During the ceremony, Foro MADCargo wanted to highlight its commitment to digitalization, the involvement of talent, business and technology. Specifically, highlighting the work of Madcargo Lab, a section coordinated by Cristina Martín Lorenzo, which seeks solutions to improve processes through the Air Cargo Observatory and digitalization tools.

At the time of the presentation, Usyncro’s CEO was in Mexico, so the award was collected by the other two founders of the company: Marcos Icardo, CTO and Manuel Gallardo, COO, at the hands of Regina Domínguez Cobo, member of the Board of Directors of Foro MADcargo. The latter commented in her speech how five years ago, Martín Lorenzo presented to the committees of ATEIA Madrid, a project developing blockchain focused on customs”.It sounded like Greek to us, as we were barely able to get started with the Customs Single Window. He talked to us about the importance of data governance and how we as SME freight forwarders needed to go digital to add value and survive in the supply chain.”

Today, this project that began as eCustoms is an expanded reality through Usyncro. Among the services it provides are the Digital Air Corridors, an initiative promoted by Foro MADCargo LAB whose objective is to simplify processes, providing rigor and security and involving all the actors in the logistics supply chain, and promoting the city of Madrid as a Global Logistics Node.

Regina Domínguez described the CEO of Usyncro as a “vitamin person” and concluded about Cristina Martin: “she is undoubtedly the spearhead of our sector, innovative, positive, overwhelming, digital”.


During the evening, the floor was given to the Turkish Embassy in Spain, which wanted to recognize the work done by Foro MADCargo to provide humanitarian aid to Turkey and Syria. Through the campaign “Air Cargo Relief for Turkey and Syria earthquakes”. professionals and companies from the air cargo community were mobilized, providing material and human resources to streamline procedures and deliver up to 250 tons of aid with Turkish Airlines aircraft and using the Usyncro platform. Likewise, Reyes Rodríguez, director of Ireneo Logística, received recognition in the Collaboration and Solidarity category; Manuel Galindo, COO of Webcargo, joined Cristina Martín Lorenzo, CEO of Usyncro, in the Innovation category; and the Air Cargo Professional 2022 award went to Jordi Piqué, general manager of Air Europa Cargo, the airline that led the Air Cargo 2022 project with Usyncro. first Digital Air Corridor.

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