The technology company boosts its growth with senior professionals specialized in logistics, transportation and technology.

Usyncro, the Spanish technology company specializing in logistics digitization, continues its strategic commitment to the sustainability of the sector at a global level. To extend the reach of the Digital Corridors by involving customs authorities, it has created a Distribution network in the Americas, led by its latest recruit: Alejandro Sanchez, a manager with experience in the retail sector, innovation and technological transformation.

Mr. Sánchez holds a degree in Economics and Business Administration from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and is a merchant seaman from the Escuela Superior de la Marina Civil de La Coruña. He began his professional life at Arthur Andersen in the Consulting Division, specializing in Distribution and Consumption, and later joined Centros Comerciales Continente (Carrefour) as Product Manager at the most expansive moment of Distribution in Spain.

For eight years, he was in charge of “Modern Distribution” for The Coca Cola Company (Iberian Division). He has been general manager of the offline channel at Mary Kay Cosmetics and Tupperware Brands until 2012, when he focused on the development of the online channel and the digital economy, assuming the general management of Hailo and Catawiki, Europe’s first online auction platform and, an international platform for content creation through AI. In addition, for more than 15 years he has been a professor of Distribution at Centro Universitario Villanueva.


Usyncro has set up a wide network of partners and distributors. In Spain, it already has strategic partners in the technological field such as Stratesys or Eviden (Atos); sectorial partners such as ASTIC or BCL; and specialized partners such as Ayming or Imeanticipa, among others.

Latin America, as a strategic market for Spain, has been one of the company’s priorities for expansion. Together with ALACAT, the association of freight forwarders from 16 countries in LATAM and the Caribbean, Usyncro has more than ten partners in the Americas, including Navilogistics Corp, in the United States. They are currently working on the creation of the Digital Corridor between Mexico and the USA, involving the authorities of both regions. “We are tackling a major challenge in logistics and transportation, where innovation must spearhead the efficiency and sustainability of the supply chain. The distribution network underway is a sign of the interest we are finding in this commitment to management based on collaboration between actors and the interoperability of systems.” said Alejandro Sanchez, the new VP Commercial.

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