Usyncro incorporates customs management into its Marketplace of services. This initiative is part of its Plan for the Digitalization of the sector, with a special focus on the competitiveness of SMEs and eCommerce.

In response to the global uncertainty of freight traffic, price fluctuations and the complexity of tariff management, Usyncro has added the freight forwarding service to its platform, targeting the players most sensitive to the cost of internationalization in the supply chain.

This action has a threefold objective: on the one hand, to relieve importers and exporters of tedious customs clearance tasks. “When you have a small business, the agility of import and export logistics can be one of the key elements for the company’s success,” says Cristina Martín Lorenzo, CEO of Usyncro.

Secondly, to offer competitive prices in the management of customs clearance, through its pool of forwarding agents. This service is currently open to the incorporation of those companies that wish to join through the platform. To do so, all you need to do is get in touch.

And finally, the added value of bringing digitalization closer to SMEs and e-commerce in customs management through the use of this collaborative platform. Usyncro makes it possible to coordinate all the actors involved, including the Tax Agency itself, adds documentation traceability and transaction security by incorporating Blockchain technology.

Aid for digitization of SMEs with the Digital Kit

With the incorporation of the freight forwarding service, the user will obtain the most accurate quotation for customs clearance management. In addition, the integration of this digital service can benefit from the aid corresponding to the Bono Kit Digital offered by the Acelera Pyme Program managed by The only requirement to access this quote is subscription to the Usyncro platform. As a digitalizing agent, the Usyncro team, with more than 20 years of experience in customs management, will facilitate the procedures to apply for the latest call of the Acelera Pyme – Kit Digital program. In this way, the SME will be able to access the subsidy and expand the freight forwarder’s services with other logistics resources for the management of the multimodal supply chain, such as the use of eDocs (CMR or FIATA’s eBL, among others).

“We are aware of how complicated the management of these procedures can be. And, in particular, customs management can become a real nightmare. This is how we get the SME and eCommerce to focus on their business by facilitating the tracking of the operation in our digital ecosystem,” adds Martín Lorenzo. “The client maintains data governance at all times, and shares the documentation of the shipment with its collaborators, being able to establish different visibility profiles.”

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