The initiative “Corredores Digitales” was the winner of the Innovation and Digital Transformation category in the 1st edition of the International Logistics Awards, granted by ICIL, aimed at to encourage the transfer of knowledge and business development of professionals in the sector, identifying and disseminating best practices in the field of logistics.

The award was presented in DFactory, among projects from 6 other countries, in the framework prior to the start of the International Logistics Exhibition in Barcelona by ICIL, together with various institutions and universities in Spain and Latin America, committed to knowledge and business development. Cristina Marín Lorenzo, CEO of Usyncro, received the award from Eduardo Bottín, President of Hanseática; José Estrada, Director of Strategy of ICIL and Moisés Solís, President of ALACAT (in the picture from left to right).

Digital corridors represent one of the great advances on the road to transport sustainability, by eliminating a high percentage of paper related to the shipment of goods and avoiding a large part of the physical trips for the management of customs formalities. To achieve this, digital brokers connect logistics management players in the respective countries, including authorities, freight forwarders, handling, carriers, shippers, banks and insurance companies, etc.

Proof of the success of this initiative were the words of Pilar Jurado, director general of Spanish Customs and Excise, during the Alacat Congress that took place during SIL 2023. Jurado showed the operations described by Usyncro for Air Cargo and the direct connection of the Tax Agency to the Usyncro platform. He also reiterated his support for “facilitating” the conversation with Latin American authorities to join this initiative. A los Corredores Digitales Logísticos, que surgieron como iniciativa de Madcargo Lab, también se han sumado organizaciones clave como Alastria, que incluye su red Blockchain o IATA, cuyo estándar One Record se cumple en esta operativa digital.

The essence of digital brokers is the COLLABORATION of all actors in the supply chain, in order to eliminate manual processes and digitize the entire logistics operation in the shipment of goods. Since May 2022, when the pilot of the first Digital Corridor for air cargo with Air Europa, Usyncro has incorporated key institutions, signing a few months later the agreement with ALACATThe Federation of National Associations of 16 countries of Freight Forwarders and International Logistics Operators of Latin America and the Caribbean, with a membership of up to 2,000 companies. As part of this momentum, Lima Customs has already become a user of the platform, being part of the 18 Digital Corridors carried out by Cargo Latam, the first airline to make a round-trip corridor for fresh products such as asparagus and mangoes, including the digitized phytosanitary document at destination (Madrid) and complying with the IATA One Record standard. In this regard, Alfredo Noguerales, Commercial Director of LATAM Cargo, spoke of improvements of 35% in time, for all stakeholders in the operation, also reducing costs, paper and travel.


Through the Usyncro Academy area, an agreement has been signed with ICIL to strengthen the digitalization of logistics activity and its professionals, through training and practical dissemination in the use of disruptive technologies such as Blockchain and AI applied to supply chain management.


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