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New real-time multimodal concept to coordinate all stakeholders involved

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Digital Logistics Corridor

What is a Digital Logistics Corridor?

A Digital Logistics Corridor is the articulation of a shipment from origin to destination related to transportation, information flows, communications and commercial practices in digital format. In the case of logistics activity, it is used to indicate that the documentation linked to a shipment of goods is done digitally, in a digital ecosystem where the different actors involved in the chain of transport and document management related to the transport of goods are brought together electronically.


Characteristics and benefits of the implementation of a Digital Logistics Corridor


Coordination of all stakeholders


Centralized and real-time communication


Visibility and traceability of documentation


Security through Blockchain technology


Real-time transport tracking


Reduced operating costs


Agility and efficiency in shipping times


Sustainability: no paper, no travel

en colaboración con alacat

Corredores Digitales Europa – Latinoamérica

Estamos trabajando en la constitución de Corredores Digitales entre Europa y Latinoamérica junto con la Federación de Asociaciones Nacionales de 16 países de Agentes de Carga y Operadores Logísticos Internacionales de América Latina y Caribe
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Phases for the implementation of a digital logistics corridor

Coordinación de todos los actores involucrados

Cargador, transitario en origen y destino, aduanas, transporte cliente, etc.

Reparto de funciones vinculadas a cada actor

Asignación de tareas y competencias según el perfil de cada agente

Apertura del expedientes

El actor que inicia el expediente tiene el poder de otorgar permisos de visibilidad para cada documento.

Tramitación digital de la documentación

Implicando a las autoridades en puntos origen y destino

Proof of Concept

Digital Air Corridor

Usyncro created the first digital air corridor using this collaborative platform, following the IATA One Record standard. It took place in May 2022 between Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas airport and Carrasco airport in Montevideo, incorporating Blockchain technology and IATA’s One Record standard defining a common model for shared data.

Up to 12 players were involved in this first digital air corridor, with DB Schenker as the freight forwarder and Air Europa Cargo as the carrier. The Usyncro collaborative platform provided Blockchain technology to share documentation linked to the goods, incorporating the criteria of immutability, transparency and security in the shared documentation. This initiative was made possible thanks to the coordination of MADCargo Lab, the air cargo analysis and study area of Foro MadCargo.

Managed documents

Packing list

Factura comercial

Documento de carga segura

AWB – Air Waybill



Documento de levante

Imágenes de la carga

Certificado de llegada

Despacho en destino

Cooperación logísticA

Actores que intervienen en el Corredor Digital Multimodal


Opening of the file – invitation to other stakeholders


Chamber of Commerce

Manages the Certificate of Origin


1st mile operator from origin

Warehouse of origin

Customs authority of origin

Long distance transportation company

Destination warehouse

Destination freight forwarder

Customs authority at destination


Last Mile Operator (DUM) at destination


digital brokers

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Digital corridors represent one of the great advances on the road to transport sustainability, by eliminating paper linked to the shipment of goods and avoiding part of the physical trips for the management of customs procedures.
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