100% digital air freight transport is now a reality between Europe and Latin America (LATAM) thanks to the first Air Digital Corridor promoted by the MADCargo Forum and developed through the Usyncro solution with the IATA One Record standard.

On May 18, the first shipment of fully digitized air cargo from Europe to Latin America began, using the Usyncro solution to give visibility and streamline the operation to all the agents involved. This milestone is also a sign of the drive on the part of these organizations in supporting Madrid Hub Logístico Global.

Up to 12 actors have participated in this international shipment, visualizing the tracking of the merchandise in real time and facilitating the exchange of data in a transparent way in a digital ecosystem.

For this, the use of the One Record standard of the Air Transport Association (IATA) has been implemented, a standard for sharing data and creates a single record view of each shipment. This standard defines a common data model for data that is shared through a standardized and secure web.

They have acted as observers of the IATA operation, the Madrid Chamber of Commerce and the MADCargo Forum, the entity promoting the project through its MADCargoLAB innovation laboratory.

At the invitation of the operator DB Schenker, each actor uploaded their corresponding documentation in a shared repository managed on the Usyncro collaborative platform and, therefore, secured with Blockchain technology. In this way, the documentation acquired the characteristics of being immutable, transparent and traceable for validation by the customs authorities.

The operation of the first aerial digital corridor was developed as follows:


  • Creation of the file on the Usyncro platform , by the freight forwarder DB Schenker, -to share access to shipment data with agents through the Usyncro digital platform.
  • Invitation to the agents involved. Visibility permissions are assigned so that everyone has real-time information in accordance with the IATA One Record open standard.
  • Upload to the platform of the commercial invoice and packing list.


  • Upload of transport documents: MAWB and DUA.
  • The Spanish customs (AEAT – Tax Agency) processes the export declaration and gives the green light to the merchandise.


  • MAWB visible to all participating actors. It is now possible to manage in advance the documentation related to the cargo for its arrival in Montevideo.


  • The merchandise is received at the cargo terminal of the Madrid Barajas Airport, WFS warehouse.
  • Flight preparation at origin. The WFS Madrid handling agent digitally checks the file data, shares photographs of the merchandise prepared for the flight.
  • WFS Madrid processes the merchandise that will be transported by the airline Air Europa Cargo.
  • Internal message on the platform. Air Europa Cargo information exchange indicating the flight plan: UX045/22MAY MADMVD STD 23:55 – STA 07:20+1


  • The LACC handling agent in Montevideo receives the cargo at the Carrasco International Airport , generating and sharing an image with the palletized merchandise received.
  • Goods available to DB Schenker

The 12 actors who have contributed to the success of the operation by digitally processing the documentation, something that is usually done in paper format, have been:

  • Airport of Origin: Adolfo-Suarez-Madrid-Barajas – MAD
  • Destination Airport: Carrasco International Airport (Montevideo) – MVD
  • Origin Freight Forwarder : DB Schenker
  • Airline: Air Europa Cargo
  • Destination Freight Forwarder: DB Schenker
  • Origin Customs: AEAT
  • Cargo handling Origin: WFS Madrid
  • Cargo handling Destination: LACC (Montevideo)
  • Software used: USYNCRO


  • Madrid Chamber of Commerce
  • Forum MADCargo
  • IATA

According to Jesús Cuéllar, president of Foro MADCargo, “we have successfully managed to make this first shipment of merchandise by eliminating paper and the manual handling of documentation, taking another step towards the sustainability of the supply chain.” “The next shipment will be made with Mexico and we hope to consolidate this practice for an operation that demands and needs digitization,” adds the president of Foro MADCargo.

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