On November 11, Usyncro shared with relevant air cargo stakeholders and members of the administration, the signing of the MADCargo and ALACAT Forum, for the promotion of Digital Logistics Corridors. The event was held in the presence of José Antonio Sánchez and Carlos Díaz-Pache, Deputy Minister of Local Administration and Digitalization and Deputy Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Housing of the Community of Madrid, respectively.

This agreement is part of the an initiative promoted by ForoMADCargo LAB and Usyncror to consolidate the digital corridors between Madrid and the main cities in hubs The ALACAT is the federation of National Associations of Freight Forwarders and International Logistics Operators of Latin America and the Caribbean, which includes national associations from 15 countries and 2,000 associated companies.

Jesús Cuellar, president of Foro MADCargo, and Moisés Solís, president of ALACAT, expressed their intention to multiply the number of digital corridors to bring decisive efficiency to the air logistics chain linking the two regions. Under this collaboration protocol between Madrid and the main Latin American cargo hubs, these organizations committed themselves to having the corridors certified, guaranteeing service levels and optimization of the added value provided.

During the meeting prior to the signing, those present addressed the need for this boost to the digitalization of air cargo, betting on the competitiveness of Spanish airports, as well as the agents that operate them. Cristina Martín Lorenzo, CEO of Usyncro, had the opportunity to convey the importance of digitalization in the logistics process linked to customs, as well as the use of open and interoperable platforms such as Usyncro.

Likewise, thanks to the presence of Pilar Jurado, Director of Customs and Special Taxes, and Nerea Rodríguez, Deputy Director of Customs Management of the Spanish Tax Agency, the usefulness of the digital integration of customs to streamline the procedures of trade relations was discussed.

The secure environment Usyncro has built thanks to the incorporation of technologies such as Blockchain, makes it easier for the competent authorities to validate the documentation received in digital format, thus eliminating the use of paper and making the logistics operation more agile and sustainable. Always thinking about the inclusion of new actors and participants in the supply chain.

Precisely, this momentum around the digitization of the air cargo betting on the competitiveness The project was also supported by representatives of AENA or of the logistics environment of Barajas, such as Eduardo San Roman, managing director of CTC Coslada. All in the spirit of collaboration and interoperability.


This moment was also used for Miguel Ángel Rodríguez, president of the Blockchain network Alastria, to sign a collaboration agreement with ALACAT for its use through the Usyncro platform.

In this line, the CEO of UsyncroThe Chairman had the opportunity to emphasize security by means of the decentralized information validation mechanism and the global system that facilitates a platform as that of Usyncrowhich incorporates other Blockchain networks, including LACChain, the partnership led by the Inter-American Development Bank Group’s Innovation Lab (IDB Lab) for the development of the blockchain ecosystem in Latin America and the Caribbean.

“This signature is another step towards making #DigitalCorridors a reality and Usyncro being involved in their development following IATA’s One Record standard is undoubtedly one more step towards a more efficient and sustainable future,” commented Cristina Martín Lorenzo .

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