Green & Digital, the project coordinated by CITET in which Usyncro participates, together with FIELDEAS, UNO, DHL Supply Chain and ALIA, has been successfully completed. In its development, it has achieved complete traceability of the transport chain, giving the actors involved visibility and full management capacity. The project contemplates a platform that facilitates the implementation of the digital CMR, expanding the documentary integrity before the authorities, thanks to the incorporation of Blockchain technology.

The conclusions were presented during SIL Barcelona, in a session in which all the members of the project participated, including Emilio Mulet, Innovation Director of Usyncro.

“Green & Digital seeks the optimization of logistics and transportation processes related to the transport of goods, adopting an intermodal and multimodal approach. This reaffirms CITET’s commitment to the efficiency and sustainability of the sector with innovation as a key lever,” he said. Ramón García, Vice President of CITET.

The project highlights the importance of collaboration between supply chain actors. Shippers, operators, carriers and consignees converge on the platform, integrating them into a transversal communication channel. The platform acts as a facilitator of information flow, optimizing the activities of each of them and allowing active monitoring of information to anticipate situations that may impact the connected business processes.

According to FIELDEAS CEO, Óscar López Tresgallo: “The analysis and research work carried out for the implementation of the solution has been a differential factor in achieving a global, secure and legally guaranteed transport documentation management model. Not only has the implementation and testing of the solution been a success, but the parallel appearance of new regulations concerning the transport document has endorsed the work done during the project.

The document management model achieved is fully adapted to the latest regulations, especially in terms of signature processing, where a solution has been achieved that complies with the precepts established by the latest standard:

  1. Unique linkage of the signatory.
  2. Identification of the signatory.
  3. Use of means that allow the governance of the signatory.
  4. Guarantees of detection of any subsequent modification of the data, thanks to the use of Blockchain technology.

Full traceability is another key aspect of Green and Digital. Thanks to the incorporation of Blockchain technology, the integrity of information is guaranteed at every stage of the logistics process. This provides greater confidence and transparency in operations, optimizing decision making and reducing risks.

“The use of Blockchain technology incorporates an additional security factor to the documentation shared between the different actors. The transparency, decentralization, neutrality and immutability that it provides, create an environment of trust and digital guarantees between users and authorities, which responds to the guidelines contained in the European framework and the imminent eFTI 2020/1056 regulation” says Cristina Martín Lorenzo, CEO of Usyncro.

DHL Supply Chain as a Tier 1 logistics operator and project tester, has facilitated the implementation of Green & Digital. in a real environment. In its work on the project, it has been able to validate the degree of maturity and stability of the solution, thus helping to eliminate the economic and legal barriers that have so far slowed down the adoption of these solutions by supply chain agents.

The digitization of documentation is one of the goals pursued by all logistics and transport operators as it facilitates the automatic exchange of a large part of the documentation associated with the activity. With Green & Digital we have proven the viability, reliability and advantages of this working model for the digital era.”says Roberto Gamero, CIO of DHL Supply Chain Iberia.

The project has aroused great interest in the logistics and transport sector, due to its focus and relevance in terms of legislation linked to the adoption of the Digital CMR. UNO provided a macro view of the sector and perspectives on its implementation.

In the words of Rafael Aguilera, general manager of UNO Logística “.Through Green & Digital we seek the implementation of a collaborative digital platform using technologies such as AI, Biometrics and Blockchain with which to provide a flow of information exchange between the different actors that make up the supply chain, and thus allow each one, to optimize their activities by eliminating low value-added tasks, being able to monitor information and anticipate situations that may cause impacts on the connected business processes.”

Green & Digital, therefore, is positioned as a project that drives digital and sustainable transformation in the logistics sector. As more companies adopt this solution, significant improvements in efficiency, service quality and supply chain competitiveness are expected.

Angel Gil, manager of ALIA states that “In this project we have taken digital transformation to the next level. We have managed to fully digitize the eCMR flow and achieve seamless traceability in the transport chain. We want to emphasize that collaboration has been the key to success in Green & Digital, demonstrating that by joining forces, innovative solutions can be achieved to drive efficiency and service quality in the supply chain.”

The members of the project have also presented a proposal to expand the scope of Green & Digital in phase two, which proposes the possibility of creating a global supply chain that allows the supervision of transportation processes in a multimodal scenario, also contemplating the issuance and custody of intermodal electronic bills of lading and waybills, guaranteeing the integrity and security of the data.

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