Shared talent

We have combined knowledge and experience in supply chain, software development, cybersecurity and financial strategy to achieve the most complete logistics tool.



Knowing the complexity of the management of international trade procedures led us to search for technological solutions that would help to streamline and reduce costs in supply chain operations.

Thus arose eCustoms in 2018, a platform with the aim of unifying all the players and digitizing logistics related to the shipment of goods. The shared experience of the team that has resulted in Usyncro, demonstrates the knowledge of the processes and needs of the sector, in addition to providing an excellent relationship with the main players and authorities.

In 2019, we achieved traceability via Blockchain of an international import including all logistics players, a banking entity and institutional bodies such as the Tax Agency.

In 2020, we won the German Blockchain Award Blockrocket, a key milestone in terms of international recognition.

In 2021, our CEO Cristina Martín Lorenzo attended the Draper University Hero Training program in Silicon Valley, and what she learned there was a key driver for the company’s growth. In this period, we highlight the strategic alliance with BBVA to include financial services in our platform; the inclusion of services such as Insurance; the generation of eDocs… Consequently, our evolution towards the constitution of a great Logistics Marketplace.

Today, we go one step further and move towards a more complete open solution, with greater scope and third-party services. We have built a borderless solution in traceability via Blockchain and a digital universe without limits for logistics companies.

Principles and values

We represent the biggest bet to solve the challenge of international logistics in a technological, connected and real-time future.

Collaborative spirit

The governance of the data belongs to each participant, who can continue their business relationships, now managing them digitally and more efficiently.

Open, agnostic and independent

Each participant chooses how to work and what data to share, being able to do so with external collaborators without the need to register.


We are leaving behind the frequent use of manual processes based on paper, fax, messaging, etc., as well as the lack of coordination between the various stakeholders and their IT systems. The digitalization of procedures and the unification of the actors considerably reduce the impact on the environment.

Global vision

We synchronize shipments to and from any place and by any means of transport. All you need to access the platform is an Internet connection.

Free and interoperable

We facilitate the interconnection with the different systems of all participants through APIs or interfaces. We are interoperable with different Blockchain networks.


A multidisciplinary, international and experienced team

With exponential growth since inception, we can boast diverse and inclusive talent.

Men and women dedicated to the logistics of the future.

Cristina Martín

Chemical Engineering and MBA. Vice-president of ATEIA Madrid, coordinator of the Digitalization group of FETEIA, of Madcargo and member of the board of Alastria.

Marcos Icardo

IT Background, Executive MBA, Master in Cybersecurity and expert in software development for the financial sector. Co-founder of Fintonic and other start-ups.

Manuel Gallardo

Master in Physics and Executive MBA, PMP. Expert in strategy, international business development and project management.

Krishna Mohan

CEO Genius Usyncro USA
Master’s Degree in Marketing Management MMM, an MBA-International Business and an MS in Finance. Acclaimed and recognized serial entrepreneur and speaker whom has helped 3 Fortune 500 companies and several start-up organizations.




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Boilerplate / Basic data

USYNCRO is the evolution of the eCustoms platform.
A SaaS solution that synchronizes all the actors involved in a national or international shipment in a simple and transparent way. A development based on blockchain and artificial intelligence to make international trade easy and accessible to all types of companies and actors involved in the supply chain, automating processes and ensuring secure traceability of goods.

It is not necessary to pay for licenses or integrations, it is a useful tool for the digitization of logistics activity, connecting all agents and making blockchain technology available to any size of company with 24/7 support. USYNCRO reduces by 80% the time spent on each file, allowing the pre-visualization of the documentation associated with the operation, reducing errors, and avoiding the sending of physical documentation.

Press materials

Download the brand manual and our logo in different versions and formats.
Contact us if you need additional information: [email protected]

Download the press kit

Press materials

Download the brand manual and our logo in different versions and formats.
Contact us if you need additional information: [email protected]

Download the press kit