Cristina Martín Lorenzo, during her presentation at the Trafic trade fair.



Madrid, November 10, 2021.- Usyncro, the open and independent solution that digitizes global trade logistics, was present at TRAFIC 2021, the international trade fair for safe and sustainable mobility. Cristina Martín Lorenzo, CEO of Usyncro, gave the opening conference at the fair, very much in line with this year’s commitment to the mobility of the future. She addressed the advantages of using blockchain technology to guarantee the traceability of transport from origin to last mile delivery.

The cloud-hosted SaaS platform centralizes process management and stores documentation giving visibility to all actors in the supply chain. A necessary step to “bring order” to the chaos that logistics is experiencing worldwide and that responds to a highly fragmented and cost-intensive process. “According to data from the United Nations, these inefficiencies represent an additional 20% of the costs associated with transportation”, commented Martín Lorenzo, “consequently, they have an impact on the price of the products paid by the consumer”.

Usyncro proposes a 24/7 solution with simple usability, which reproduces communication in the form of a social network, inviting all those involved in a shipment – at no cost to the third party involved – and facilitating the digitalization of procedures that are still carried out manually or using paper.

Martín Lorenzo emphasized the urgency of implementing digitalization in these obsolete processes, in search of sustainability but also as an opportunity for the motivation of human resources. The solution also incorporates artificial intelligence and machine learning, “we combine neural networks with the extraction of structured to unstructured data. Thus incorporating value-added functionalities that allow the detection of errors in manually entered data, and the automation and optimization of tasks,” , she explained.. In this way, Usyncro makes it easier for professionals to contribute to the organization with higher value-added functions.


During the presentation, we learned about success stories such as the integration of the Tax Agency with the platform. A key player in the tax payment verification process at customs. From Usyncro, the Tax Agency visualizes the arrival of goods in advance, speeding up entry by pre-clearing customs clearance.

Another case was the construction of the eDocs service in which, among others, FIATA (international federation of freight forwarders) participates for the verification of the FBL document (maritime transport contract). CMRs can also be integrated from any other platform. This is a key functionality that meets the requirements of the eFTI (electronic Freight Transport Information Requirement) regulation, which will come into force in August 2024.

Insurers are also part of Usyncro. On the basis of collaboration agreements with the platform, they credit the insured based on documentary input and validation by the users themselves using blockchain technology. The solution allows you to upload images of the cargo along the entire route and in the event of a claim, the company can access all the traceability, including images and associated procedures at each shipping milestone. The history will allow you to make decisions based on immutable and secure data.

In this way, Usyncro brings transparency, agility and security to all shipments worldwide, achieving cost reductions of up to 80% and minimizing the number of inefficiencies that arise as a result of manual processing and cumbersome document management.

“Blockchain is one of the most secure current technologies for information processing and we have managed to make it available to all players in the supply chain,” commented Cristina Martín Lorenzo, CEO of Usyncro. “The great advantage is that with just an Internet connection, it is possible to make a shipment and coordinate all the partners involved in the same digital space, from Asia, to access to the city and last-mile delivery,” she concluded.

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