Hans Lip, COO of TransFollow-Viaservice, and Cristina Martín Lorenzo, CEO of Usyncro, during the signing of the partnership agreement at the Logistics & Distribution 2021 trade fair to boost the digitalization of international transport.



Madrid, November 24, 2021 – Usyncro has signed an agreement with TransFollow to offer aggregated services from both platforms and boost the digitalization of transport. With this union, companies with international operations will be able to simultaneously carry out the digital management of customs procedures and the issuance and use of the e-CMR as an integrated transport document. As a first step associated with this agreement, Usyncro and TransFollow will carry out a Proof of Concept on real trips, aimed at digitally gathering all the documentation linked to the transport of goods between countries and detecting incidents during the process of generating customs documentation.

The initiative is aimed at a pre-selected group of transport companies / freight forwarders / exporters who regularly face such casuistry. The participating companies will have access to the combined functionalities of both platforms at no cost and with the sole commitment to identify and propose as many use cases as possible In this way, they will ensure that the new platform resulting from Usyncro and TransFollow will be enriched by the possible combination of events and use cases.

Deployment will begin between the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022. The companies adhering to this agreement, will have Usyncro’s blockchain solution and the TransFollow platform’s functions: creation, issuance, sharing, signing and archiving of international freight documents (e-CMRs). They will be able to centrally access the documents generated, which will have visibility for all the actors involved in the shipment. Such documentation will be traceable, secure and validated by the users themselves thanks to blockchain technology, which will bring transparency and securitization to all the documentation generated.

“We have found in Usyncro the perfect complement to our services and a long-standing partner in our mission to generalize the use of e-CMR in Europe, as it assures us the gateway not only to the integrated digital management of customs procedures, but also to the rest of its portfolio of services, such as financing, insurance contracting, or the automation and optimization of tasks through artificial intelligence,” says Hans Lip, COO of TransFollow-Viaservice. “The aim of this alliance is to be able to provide the service portfolio of both companies, in any country, to any company profile and in any circumstances of use. In TransFollow we have found the best partner to carry it out. Both companies agree on the strategic need to simplify the processes of carriers and to offer them the tools to support their digitization”, says Cristina Martín Lorenzo, CEO of Usyncro.


Centralization of management

  • All participants have access with different permissions.
  • The documentation is traceable, secure and validated by the users themselves thanks to blockchain technology.

Task automation and optimization

  • Identification and extraction of data from unstructured documents using AI.
  • Tariff code (HS) identification
  • Pre-processing of customs requirements

Digitization and storage of documentation

  • Generation of Smart Contracts.
  • Creation and modification of files
  • Storage of documents (eBL, eCMR etc.).

External value-added services

  • Freight forwarding, insurance, financing.
  • Geolocation of containers

To join this Proof of Concept and learn more about the scope of this union between Usyncro and Transfollow to digitize transport operations, please send an email as interested parties to: [email protected] and we will contact you as soon as possible.

You can also find more information about Transfollow in their web page https://www.transfollow.org/es/

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