Usyncro has been appointed Digitizing Agent by the Government of Spain to offer its services in the Kit Digital program and make disruptive technology available to logistics SMEs and eCommerce.

Usyncro will advise those SMEs that want to apply for the Digital Bonus through the program managed by to facilitate the use of its platform based on Blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence, at no cost to the applicant.

The Digital Voucher will allow up to 1,450 files per year for the shipment of goods using Blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence.

With this initiative, Usyncro proposes to overcome the access barriers for SMEs to disruptive technologies and reduce the costs linked to the inefficiency of carrying out the procedures in a shipment of merchandise manually. The applicant will be able to benefit from all the advantages provided by the solution, such as:

  • The digitization of logistics processes in your shipments.
  • Streamline the procedures for the shipment of goods and customs clearance.
  • Reduce management costs.
  • Unify all the actors and communications of shipments.
  • Eliminate errors and anomalies caused by manual data entry.
  • Complete shipment traceability.
  • Anticipation of mandatory eFTI regulations in 2024 (eCMR, electronic transport documents).
  • Reduce the risk of fraud.


In line with the motto of the Digital Kit program: “zero paper”, those who decide to improve their management of processes related to the logistics of goods, will be able to digitize the procedures that until now they did manually or through different channels (whatsapp, email , fax…), as well as significantly speeding up times by using a single shared virtual space, which allows visibility of your entire supply chain.

Usyncro allows collaboration between all the actors involved in the process, so those who access the platform as users will be able to invite all their collaborators at no cost, regardless of their own tools, since Usyncro is interoperable and open . The only requirement for its use is to have an online connection.

Usynro has built an easy-to-use tool to carry out procedures that can take up to 80 percent of the time dedicated to merchandise management. Furthermore, with the use of Artificial Intelligence, the solution enables data automation and human error detection.

Among the actors that use the Usyncro solution is the Tax Agency, one of the main agents involved in the customs process. Its presence supposes direct access to the documentation of the merchandise and, therefore, the reduction of times and the transparency of the operation before the administration.

“Once the user accesses the Usyncro platform, they will also have the opportunity to request additional services such as the financing of the merchandise (with privileged conditions through BBVA); different insurance proposals with the consequent improvement in premiums, or the management of Smart Contracts, the eCMR or the eBL”, comments Cristina Martín Lorenzo, CEO of Usyncro . “In addition, e-commerce will be able to benefit from our solution, streamlining its import and export operations, achieving a substantial improvement in waiting times and related costs.”


  1. Sign up for Accelerate SMEs
  2. Contact Usyncro: info(at)
  3. Perform the Digital Diagnostic Test
  4. Gather all the necessary documentation for your application
  5. We accompany you in the management of the procedures to obtain your Digital Voucher

More information about the Digital Kit: Digital Kit Quick Guide

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