The Madrid Chamber of Commerce and the Community of Madrid through the One-Stop Internationalization Shop (VUI) awarded Usyncro in the first edition of the VUI Awards for International Entrepreneurship of Madrid companies. This recognition reinforces the Madrid-based technology company’s initiative for the competitiveness of Spanish logistics companies, thanks to the implementation of the Digital Logistics Corridors. Ángel Asensio, president of the Madrid Chamber of Commerce, presented the award to Cristina Martín Lorenzo, CEO of Usyncro, in the presence of other authorities from the region, such as Juan Manuel López Zafra, director general of Economy of the regional government, and Miguel Garrido, president of CEIM.

Usyncro’s Digital Corridors, which are counting on Spanish customs as a user and facilitator for the digitization of procedures in other international customs offices, are helping to boost international trade through the digitization of logistics management. This initiative is in line with the creation of the Madrid Logistics Agency, recently announced by Isabel Díaz Ayuso with the aim of making the region a “logistics hub for Southern Europe”.

Spain is a strategic enclave for global distribution and we are committed to the development of digital corridors that continue to boost the competitiveness of our country and the sector,” he said. Cristina Martín Lorenzo, CEO of Usyncro, thanking the authorities for their attention so far to the progress made to (and from) key destinations for Spain such as the American continent. “We have launched collaboration between Supply Chain actors, including customs authorities in other countries to streamline the management of goods through the use of technologies that bring security and efficiency, such as Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. All this, without forgetting the role of each logistics agent in this transformation towards sustainability that marks both European legislation and compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),” he concluded.


On December 12, Usyncro’s CEO was also able to present the Digital Corridors project to the top representatives of European logistics at the European Logistics Association Gala. The technology company was a finalist in the ELA Awards 2023, with the same project that this year made it the winner of the ELA Awards 2023. The Best Tradetech Platform according to Trade Finance Global (TFG) and BAFT (Bankers Association for Finance and Trade), a prestigious international recognition that Martín received at Sibos in Toronto (the world’s leading financial services event).


These awards recognize the work of Madrid-based entities that have participated in programs and actions of the Internationalization One-Stop Shop (VUI), an office that is coordinated by Jacobo Pérez-Soba and that since 2019 has been providing support for the international expansion of Madrid companies. Specifically, in 2023, VUI has accompanied Usyncro in its expansion to the United States or facilitated the Women-Owned certification. By July 30, 2023, more than 5,600 companies had benefited from the advice, workshops, programs and activities of the Internationalization One-Stop Shop. According to the chamber of commerce, 90 international missions have been carried out, with the participation of more than 500 companies, as well as 286 information seminars attended by 14,610 companies. In addition, at the VUI Awards ceremony at the Palacio de Santoña, the following were recognized: Madrid Gourmet Export, with the Award for the Internationalization of Agri-food in Madrid; María Alonso, from Qaleon Solution, with the award for the International Entrepreneurial Woman in Madrid; Golf Radical-Padel Radical, with the award for the Entrepreneurial SME in international e-commerce in Madrid; and Las Rozas Innova HUB-Las Rozas City Council, with the award for the relevant institution for the internationalization of Madrid’s companies.

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